Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Wants A Free Account with ClickN READ or ClickN SPELL?

I found this blog while blog interested with the prize..useful to my kids..

August is a birthday month in her family. So Time for giveaways!
THE PRIZEA free account to ClickN READ PHONICS or ClickN SPELL.
2 winners will be chosen.

Leave a comment here on which program you want and why you want it.
Optional: In your blog or website, link to one of the following pages using the given anchor text below. Let me know when you've done the linking.
ClickN Read Phonics - link to
ClickN Spell kids spelling software - link to
To give everyone a fair chance, I'll be doing a lucky draw on the1st September 2009. So, all entries must be in by 31st August 2009. If you choose the additional option of linking to one of the specified pages, you will have 2 entries instead of 1. Meaning, your chances of winning is higher.
Good luck everyone.
If you want to learn more about what the programs are about, click on the links below:
ClickN READ PHONICS:Learning to read with phonics
ClickN SPELL: Kids spelling softwarep.s. Oh, and make sure if you are selected as a winner, I have a way of contacting you to get details so I can set up your free account. Best way is to subscribe to this blog of mine (you'll find the "subscribe me" form on the right-hand bar) so you don't miss the winner announcement.
All please pick up eh...


Lian said...

Just to let you know that you are one of the winners. The results are posted at
Please email me (limailian at gmail dot com)with the necessary details:
* First & Last Name
* Email
* Mailing Address
* Phone

Lian said...

Oh, forgot to also add that you need to tell me which program you want? Phonics or Spelling? You can only choose 1.

miela77 said...

Lian..tq for choosing me..its so nice..luv it..i've emailed my details...

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